Plexus Tips

Don’t pour a packet of Plexus Slim into ice water. If you mix the powder in cool or room temperature water and then add ice it will dissolve better.

Be sure to eat something when you take boost or accelerator. Otherwise you may feel jittery or nauseous.

Try not to take Accelerator with any additional caffeine, especially on the first day. Some people even try cutting the Accelerator pill in half the first couple of days to ease into that itself.

Drink A LOT of water! The average, healthy male adult needs about 13 cups of water per day, and female needs around 9 cups of water per day. Water also aids in weight loss, no matter was program you are on.

Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals messes up your metabolism which completely defeats the purpose of plexus.

Break up with your scale. The average Plexus drinker finds that they loose inches before pounds. This is because Plexus burns fat, not muscle!

Try to eat protein in the morning, this will also help with your appetite throughout the day and help your body burn fat!


What is Plexus Slim?

plexus slim

You haven’t met Plexus Slim?

You have been missing out!

Plexus Slim is one of the MOST NATURAL ways to loose weight, by burning FAT and NOT muscle! It also helps keep blood sugar, cholesteral, and lipids at healthy levels while helping you avoid binge eating and increases your willpower over food.

Want to know some more benefits?

  • Safe and effective weight control
  • Helps regulate blood sugars
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Promotes beneficial cholesterol and lipid levels
  • Proven ingredients—including Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chlorogenic Acid, and Garcinia Cambogia—that address all areas of weight loss
  • No caffeine
  • No stimulants

I will continue to post more about Plexus here on my blog, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, Its time to order! Head over to my website today to order your Plexus Slim! Have Questions? Email me below!


Weight Loss Tip: Add FOOD into your diet!

Think back on the last time you went on a diet, do you remember what the first thing you did was? For most, it was cutting out all sugars and sweets, eliminating soda and beer, and exersizing 4-5 times a week, maybe even more. This may work for some, but not for all.

Scientists find that eliminating things from your lifestyle often doesn’t work, but adding foods into your diet does. Instead of focusing on what you can’t eat, focus on what you can. Try eating some negative calorie foods.

Add in some cucumbers or carrots into your lunchbox, even just a bottle of water. Instead of buying cans of tomatoes for your chili, try cutting your own, fresh tomatoes. Making these little tweaks in your diet will help you eventually eliminate those things you typically crave, such as sweets and grease!

Also, be sure to drink your Plexus Slim at least 10-15 minutes before your meal to help curb your appetite. I have found that by drinking plexus, by the time I get to the unhealthy part of my lunch I am already full! Get your Plexus HERE

Good Luck!