Combination of Blogs.. and Ice Fishing?

I have decided to combine two of my three blogs to make life a little easier. Soon you will not only see DIY activities and such, but you will also find stories of my life, including my all time favorite Confessions of a 4 Year Old and product reviews, etc. As I am sitting here, storming up blog topics, it came to my attention that in one way or another, most of my blogs intertwine each other. It is crazy to think just how a person’s personal life can affect almost everything social that they do, in one aspect or another.

So that brings me on to a bit of Confessions of a Four Year Old.

There is never a dull moment in the day of Ryker. In fact, today, our favorite activity to do in the winter is… *drum roll please* Ice Fishing. Yes you heard that right folks, Rykers Favorite Activity of all time, in the winter, is something he has never done before. In fact, I can remember ice fishing once in my long history on this great earth, when I was probably like, 9 years old. So I asked Ryker, What do you do when you go ice fishing?

Ryker: its when little people, like Me & Hunter, can go out on the ice, but not you or daddy because you are big people. Daddy has to put the thingys on the end of my pole and I have to throw my pole.

Yep, Confessions of a 4 year old..