I could start out this post by saying that we are a super special family with super special superman abilities and fancy jobs with a fancy house and a fancy car. But, I would be lying. The fact of the matter is, we are your average family. We are just trying to get by like the average jo, relying on coupons, discounts and savings to help stretch our dollars just a little bit further.

As a photography studio owner, I get the luxury of spending a lot of time with my kids, while also having a foot (a very large foot) in the working mom industry. I like to say I am a stay at home mom, because I get the flexibility to do what I want when I want. You will catch me sticking my fingers together with a glue stick or painting my face a million colors, just because I am a bit clumsy. I love DIY crafts and activities (Yes, I am the person who rips things out of the catalogs at the doctors office just so I can go home and figure out how to do it myself!)

Then we have my husband, Tim. Tim is your average working male, except he isn’t so average. He is tall. And he likes to work. No really, ask him to take a day off and see what he says. Tim is the do – it – all kinda guy. He can remodel a house and fix just about any problem with a car. He says he is “common sense” smart and I am book smart. He says common sense will get you further in life, and he goes out of his way to prove it 😉

Desirae is our oldest diva. She is entering middle school and just a fashionista at heart. She loves all things girl and isn’t afraid to strut some attitude! Desirae loves to read, write, draw and do about anything she isn’t supposed to do (but we love her anyway!) Desirae unfortunately fell sick with Bieber Fever and we haven’t yet found a cure…

Hunter is our take-it-aparter. If he thinks its broke, he will fix it. If he doesn’t think it is broke, he will fix it. I have his routine down to the second, most importantly pointing out his daily temper tantrum between 3:30 and 4:30, every day. But, we love him anyway 😉

Ryker is the baby of the family, but not for long. He gets to go on all of moms crazy adventures every day, which is where our blog posts “confessions of a 4 year old” come from. We have an exciting day, every day believe it or not. Never a dull moment!


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