Confessions of the Exclusive Pumper, Episode 3, Sick!

Here is the deal. We may be mos, but we get SICK. YES. SICK. So, on Thursday I found out that not only do I have an amazing ear infection, which I could only imagine, but I also have influenza, so the doc put me on some meds, right? Yea, right. And guess what, those meds, along with my lack of motivation, decreased my milk supply big time. This momma was getting about 14oz at a time, and I was getting only about 4 oz at a time while sick So, something has got to change! Something has got to give, because my boob milk feeds my babe, and that is IMPORTANT.


Keep Pumping!

When you are sick, it is super important to not give up, like I did. My husband became way to awesome, and he woke up with the baby at night to feed, and he fed babe all day while I was sleeping, resting, or of course taking a bath, BUT, you can’t skip pumping. Pump pump pump even if you don’t feel up to it. Even when I was laying down, I pumped, I tried to lay on my side, or found an awkward arrangement between my counch and recliner where my bottles would hang off the side. Do whatever you can, to keep PUMPING!

Drink lots of Water!

Drink lots of water, even more water than you did before. If water was important before you pumped, its even more important now. Your body needs about double the water it needed before when you pump, and imagine when you are sick!!!


Don’t forget to continue eating! Oatmeal is a lifesaver!

Take your Prenatal!

Obviously, even though I say you are going to eat more, you probably won’t which means you need to keep taking your prenatal to make sure you get all those vitamins and minerals!

Most importantly, REST!

EVEN THOUGH you have done all the above, you need to rest. The laundry can wait until you feel better, or encourage your family to help out!


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