Confessions of an Exclusive Pumper, Episode 2

209xNxr0240108-1mo_1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.5Z52NTBgZ8Here is the deal, Pumping is a real pain in the ASS! It is, not only do you have to feed your baby, but you have to find time to pump 15 min every two hours to produce enough to not only feed your baby, but luckily put the same amount in the freezier! So here are some AMAZING tips to make it OH, SO MUCH EASIER!

  • Make the Pumping Bra! Yes, there is a bra, for $30 you can buy that has slits that you can fit your pump into. But, if you are a mom on a budget, take a pair of scissors and cut two small slits in an old bra to hold your pump. Pump while your blogging, watching TV, or even DRIVING! 🙂
  • If you nurse as well, place your pump on the breast your baby is not nursing on! When you switch, switch your pump too!
  • Power pump on the weekends, 10 min on the pump, 10 min off the pump for an hour, every other hour! This will increase your milk supply big time!
  • Invest in a WONDERFUL pump, such as the Medela Symphony! (Thats what I use, and I rent it for only $65 a month!)
  • Follow all of the recommendations! Eat Oatmeal, take Fenugreek, and drink PLENTY OF WATER!

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