Thanks Norwex!


My Friend Dena called me up and told me it was FREE Mop Month with Norwex, and the thing is I have been drooling over this mop for over a year, but the thing is I really wasn’t sure I could spend over $100 on a mop. so when she said I could earn it for free I said, how? With only a $500 part I could get this amazing mop. Well here is the thing. No one shows up to my parties. So earning eve $100 would be a struggle. So she says, why don’t ya try a book party? Well ok, I can try I guess. The minute I started posting about my party people were going nuts! It is so crazy how integrated Norwex has gotten! People just love this stuff! So my worry about getting even $100 in product turned into $670 in product, and I was absolutely astonished at the hostess rewards I received. See, the thing is that when something or someone goes out of there way to please, I refer, refer, refer and brag, brag, brag. So thats whats going on here my little pretties, I am bragging up my amazing Consultant, Dena Merry and Norwex!

So, for have a $670 Party, 2 Bookings, at least 5 buying guests

  • New Wool Dryer Balls
  • Bottle Brush & Sleeve,
  • Timeless Natural Hand Cleaner
  • Blue Diamond Bathroom Cleaner,
  • Toilet Bowl Brush,
  • Envirowand,
  • OpticScarf,
  • SpiroSponge,
  • Lint Mit,
  • 2 Window Cloths
  • 2 Enviro-Cloth,
  • the Mop,
  • Kitchen Towel
  • Kitchen Cloth

So it was that simple, and for that reason she is totally getting her own special post on my blog! So if you want to earn some FREE Loot, I highly suggest booking a party with Dena Email her here!


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