Pallette Wood Shelf DIY


Palettes are all the craze right now and the possibilities are absolutely ENDLESS. We love the tables, chairs, deck decor, etc that people have been coming up with to re-use palettes. We found this palette in a stack and thought it would make a cute shelf! This project is so unbelievably easy to make, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

So really all you need is some paint and a pallette, but we recommend actually using a paint sprayer to apply the paint. The reason is that palette wood easily soaks in paint, so when you paint it you will find that you are actually helping it press into the wood. By using a paint sprayer, you arent applying pressure which makes the paint stick a little better. And thats it folks. All palettes are made differently so the nice thing is that no two shelves are the same. We did remove two pieces of wood from the back to open it up a bit more, (the back becomes the front because you actually hang the front of the pallette on the wall.)


And, VOILA! You have created a great piece of decor for your home!


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