Move over Betty Crocker, give this mom a cooking show!


Last Minute Pantry Alfredo

Let me set the scene for you. You arrive home after being terribly late for everything all day. You didn’t even make a dent in your to-do list and you have every intention on making your night run much more smooth than your day. Until, you open up the fridge and find that you haven’t defrosted any meat, you have no milk or butter, and you about ran out of the most important staples it takes to make about any meal you know how. After getting the newborn baby unpacked from his car-seat, kids started on homework, and a mind-set on being done with supper in 30 minutes flat, whats a mother to do? That’s right! Around this household, we just do this little thing called improvising, a lot.

It all started with a box of noodles. Not just any box of noodles, but the most awkward of them all… Penne Rigate. What in the world could I make with a box of noodles.. and no meat? Until, the lonely jar of pre-made alfredo sauce literally jumps out of the cupboard at me! (Ok, maybe it fell out at me because I was looking for something behind it…) I would be lying if I said I didn’t almost stop by adventure right there knowing I was about to make the ultimate sin…. Alfredo without broccoli! But have no fear, I think I can be forgiven because that bag of frozen veggies I bought because it was on sale was just sitting their in the freezer saying, “EAT ME!”

So you cook up your noodles, stir in some alfredo sauce, and add some veggies. Just when you are about to start dishin’ out a bowl of yumminess.. you sigh that this delectable dish you are about to serve to your family has no meat. No protein. No moo or cluck. Until… BAM! That container of Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh Grilled Chicken you found in the Deli Section (that you had every intention to put on your salads when you started that diet a couple weeks ago that ended right before lunch time) just walks right out of the refrigerator and hops into your steamy pot of Last Minute Alfredo!
Thats right Olive Garden, watch out! Here comes the Horton Family Last Minute Alfredo!

sarcasm intended.



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