Vitality Vox Box!



I got the email this morning that I was accepted to receive the Vitality VoxBox, which is my third VoxBox since I signed up just a few months ago. I must say, I was super excited to get it! My last VoxBox was the Mom Box, and it was awesome getting goodies just for being a mom, but I got goodies just for me this time! So, let me share what I got!

Softlips Cube: I was so excited to get this amazing product, because I love trying out new lip products. I have heard great reviews of this product, and I am going to chime in with mine. I love the soft, smooth application and the smell is refreshing (I got Vanilla Bean) Sometimes, when you try chapsticks they are “waxy” but this product is not! LOVE!

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance: Playtex is the top brand when it comes to feminine products, and I have no doubts that this product will be top notch as well.

Bikini Ready Energy Gummys: Only 20 calories, this energy gummy has an amazing taste and works wonderful! Where some energy boosting products make you crash and burn, this gummy helps boost your energy to a level that is manageable, and doesn’t crash fast.

First Degree Burn Cream: I was a little shocked when I got this in my VoxBox because I had just burned myself with my straightener a few hours before. After applying First Degree to the area, I felt an instant cool and soothing feeling.

Elizabeth Arden Caplet Serum: The one thing that I love about this serum is that the instant I put it on, it felt fresh. it was weightless, refreshing, and smooth. Definatly a product that will be making it into my beauty box on a permanent stay!

Unsweetened Pure Leaf Tea: Now, that’s what I am talking about. Pure Leaf is a must have drink in our home and it was a great suprise to my box! We love Pure Leaf Products, especially the sweetened and the lemon flavored ones!

I also received 2 $1 off Coupons for SoftLips Cubes!







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