Concrete Facebook Strategies to Gaining & Retaining More Fans Day 2


Day Two: How to Connect With &  Retain your Fans

Good morning everyone! If you are here today to gain some insight on how to connect with, and how to retain your fans, you will not be disappointing. I have a handful of information and ideas for you to create connections with your fans. Yesterday we learned about attracting fans. Yesterdays lesson was very important because although you may have a lot of fans, you want to make sure they are your target audience. If not, what is the point of connecting with them? You will have much less reach and engagement from people who simply like your page rather than people who like your page because it interests them. I have compiled a list of engaging strategies to help you retain and connect with your fans on a personal level, so lets get started!

Day One: How to Attract New Fans

Day Two: How to Connect & Retain your Fans

Day Three: How to Increase Facebook Engagement

Day Four: How to WOW Your Fans

Day Five: Facebook Fan-Page No-nos; What to Avoid

Strategy #1: Find out their interests!

It is no secret that Facebook knows everything about us. When you pull up Facebook, yare you surprised to find that the ads somewhat match you? Whether you are a scrapbooker and there are Stampin-Up ads there or you are a “Box Subscription Service Member” such as Birchbox and you see ad’s for Julep. Its really no shock that facebook has figured out what you like to make your Facebook experience more personal for you. There is a new way that you also can learn about your fans and what there interests are, using the Graph Search that Facebook has rolled out.

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 8.26.33 AM

If you look at the top of your facebook, you will see a long box. When you type into this box you can find friends or business’s. However, Facebook has made it even more convenient for people to narrow down their searches. As a business owner, you can type things such as, “Pages liked by Fans of….” and then your company name and see what other pages your fans are interested in. You can type things suchas “Fans of…” and then your business and this will bring up your fans. My personal favorite is, “Favorite interests by fans of…” because this brings up the types of things that my fans are interested in. Not too shockingly, considering I am a Photography Studio, my fans like Photography! Who woulda thought?

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 8.27.26 AM


So how does this benefit you, and how does this relate to you connecting with your fans? Well, by knowing what your fans like, you can target your posts and content to match those types of interests. For example, I write Photography DIY tips and post them on my blog from time to time and then also link that on facebook. I find that when I write something related to Photography, I have higher engagement. One of my friends runs an online kids clothing store. In her top interests is Toys for Kids. So every once in a while, she will do a review on a new, innovative toy to reach those who have interests on childrens toys. It all breaks down to the amount of knowledge you know about your fans. The more you know, the higher quality content you can provide to your fans.

Strategy #2: Become Personable

It really is hard for me to gain interests to pages that are constantly marketing to me. Whether its from posting discounts constantly to advertising their products on a day-to-day basis, if they do not tell me a little bit about themselves it doesn’t make me feel like I have a connection with them. Why should I by from you? What makes you different from your competition? Now whenever I talk to people about this, they are always talking about what products & services that they offer that their competition does not. However, it is not just about business. A lot of people will shop more with a person if they feel like they can relate to them, even if their prices are higher. This means, that posting little bits about you to your fans could actually help your business. Did you take a funny picture of your kiddo on the way to school? Post it! Let them know you also have a family.

  • Avoid at all costs: Do not post all of your personal drama on your business page, or on facebook in general. Although people want to know more about you, they do not want to know about your family problems or your debt issues. Keep it positive!

Strategy #3: Write back to your fans!

Some say that this doesn’t make a difference, but I am here to tell you IT DOES. When someone writes something on a picture or status you wrote, message them back. For example, if you posted a picture of your dog and they say, “Wow your dog is super adorable!” just a quick, “Thank you so much John Smith!” And use their name! It goes a long way! Not only does this let them know that you care about their engagement, but it also brings them BACK to your page to read your comment, and puts your business name seeded in their head once again! They do not have to ask you a question to get an answer. Thats what I always say!

Strategy #4: Know when to Post

This strategy has been criticized at all levels. Today we are going to talk about post frequency, but when we get into Engagement tomorrow, we will talk more about times of day, etc. Some facebook and social media experts will tell you to only post once a day. Their reasoning is that the more you post the more annoying you become, at which people delete you or unlike you. I have a different philosophy to this method. I feel as though if you only post once a day, you are only reaching a certain amount of individuals. But, if you post several times a day, you are reaching new crowds. The general rule of thumb for those who post several times a day is to post 4 times, with at least 4 hours between each post. You can use easy social media pre-scheduler programs such as Hootsuite to preschedule posts that you might not necessarily be online during that time. I always post early in the morning, once or twice during the day, and later at night. That way, My posts are being seen by a more diverse crowd of my fan-base. I will talk more about this tomorrow when we talk about Engagement!


So there you have it! Today we talked about 4 Strategies to connect & retain your clients. Come back tomorrow, and we will talk about Engaging your fans. Now, tomorrow’s post is a little bit longer, so be ready for some knowledge!





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