We (LOVE) Samples & Freebies!

If you are like us, you LOVE Getting Samples & Freebies in the mail! These companies are either Free, offer a free trial, or are SUPER cheap ways to get amazing products to try and sample!

Our Top Six?

Birchbox: Birchbox Ships full-size and Sample Size products to your door once a month for a low fee of $10. Always offering opportunities for getting free products by referring friends & writing short reviews, birchbox is by far the best way to get your samples and products and a deep discount. My average birchbox has been worth upwards to $40-50 for only $10/month. Highly recommended!

Ipsy: While Birchbox offers tons of skin-care products, Ipsy offers mostly make-up and beauty products. Ipsy varies quite a bit because most of their products in each GlamBag is full size, meaning full size eye-shadows, nail polishes, etc. Again, only $10/month Ipsy offers tons of ways to get free products above and beyond your products. Reviews state that the average Ipsy Subscriber gets between $40-$60 a month in product! And, each month, you get a fabulous “GlamBag” makeup bag in a different style! Way worth it!

Julep: Although mostly nail polish, Julep offers a line of make-up, skin-care and nail-care products to your door each month for only $19.99. HOWEVER, get a FREE month by joining under my referral code, simply CLICK HERE!

Graze: Much like Nature Box, Graze is an amazing way to quick-start your healthy snacking habits. Graze is definatly for those who intend to snack better, but just want to get a small taste of the healthy life before commiting to a full size product! Use my referral code to get a free box your first and fifth month! Click here!

KiwiCrate: If you are one who has children on the creative side, this is an amazing box that ships once a month to your doorstep for your little prince/princess. Full of awesome, fun crafts for your little tyke KiwiCrate is sure to get your little ones minds a great jumpstart! Save $10 by using my Referral Code Here!

Citrus Lane: Get 50% off your first Crate by using my referral code here. Citrus lane is more of toys and educational products and fun healthy snacks for your little tyke!


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