March Birchbox; Addicted

Last month, I joined this amazing program called Birchbox. I didn’t really know what to expect, but when I got my first BirchBox, I was absolutely not disappointed! And once again, Birchbox Delivers, because I am IN LOVE with not only the products I received in my box but the high quality of products I received in my box!

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 6.13.37 PM

This month I was more thrilled when I got my box because the samples were a lot bigger than they were last month. The only worry I had last month was would it be worth the continued $10 a month? I was definatly proven wrong for even worrying in the first place when I received my box this month! It was chalk full of samples, and full size products! So, want to hear about each?

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 6.27.27 PM

Beauty Protect: Protect & Detangle Spray

What Birchbox Says:

“We tend to gravitate toward products that have as many functions as Imelda Marcos has pairs of shoes. (Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration.) Beauty Protector’s leave-in mist is about as versatile as they come. It conditions, shields from heat and sun damage, and–of course–detangles, among other things. Plus, it’s 100% vegan and suitable for all hair types.”

What I say:

I LOVE this product. The addictive smell and texture provides an amazing solution to not only detangle your hair but help keep it from frizzing during and after styling! Among the benefits, Beauty Protect is an instant detangler, thermal protector, UV protector, Seals Cuticles, Smoothes Hair, Locks in Color, Adds Shine, is weightless, non, greasy and conditions for all hair types. The product lives up to its name and more. Beauty Protect ranges around $21.95 and is definatly worth the price. The sample I received was very generous, and I say so far that it will replace my current detangler and styling spray! We gotta love all-in-one!

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 6.54.36 PM

Air Repair Rescue Balm All-Purpose Skin Salve and Lip Balm

What Birchbox Says…

“Birchbox Breakdown

Meet what Air Repair calls the “Swiss Army Knife” of beauty products. This multitasking skin salve can be applied anywhere and everywhere—to the lips, hands, face, knees, elbows, and even cuticles—to instantly soothe and heal dry skin. The brand’s revolutionary combination of emollients effectively inhibits chronic inflammation (or “inflam-aging”) that causes dryness, irritation, and premature wrinkles. Plus, the travel-friendly packaging makes it easy to slip into your carry-on, so you can be sure your skin stays soft and supple no matter your destination.

How it Works

This ultrarestorative salve works its magic by preventing transepidermal water loss, a primary cause of dry skin. Sweet almond oil, fatty-acid rich lanolin, and vitamin E hydrate and nourish skin upon contact. Anti-inflammatory lavender helps quell irritation, while geranium promotes circulation and rejuvenates skin.”

What I say?

Amazing. This is a must by in my book. Say goodbye to those cheesy chap sticks that you buy just because they “taste” good and say hello to an amazing, high quality balm that truly works upon impact. It only takes a liberal amount applied to the area of your choice (mine? Lips!) and voila! Dryness, itchiness, and soreness be-gone! Its an amazing solution and a great price of only $12!


Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 6.57.42 PM
“Birchbox Breakdown

There’s a reason your spa uses cucumbers in everything from facials to the water you drink post-massage: They rejuvenate skin, reduce inflammation, and are all-around refreshing. This exfoliating formula harnesses the benefits of the cucumber to deep clean without irritation, effectively removing surface debris and impurities.

How it Works

The bead-filled cream cleanser acts as a gentle yet effective aromatic exfoliator, scrubbing away pore-clogging oils and cellular debris as it kills bacteria. Its nonirritating formula contains circular polyethylene granules (aka the aforementioned beads) that exfoliate the skin to uncover a smoother, more radiant surface.”

What I say?

If you are one to find cleansing and exfoliating products that tend to leave your skin dry and irritated after use, this is definatly a product to try. The smell and texture was amazing, and you can feel the freshness hit your skin right away. My only tip is that you use a very generous amount of water with this product, because it is very intense! The price, $26-27, is a little bit to take in, but when you view the full size product and understand that a little goes a long way, this product is sure to last a while!

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 7.00.30 PM

Control Corrective Oil Free Healing Lotion

What Birchbox Says:

“Birchbox Breakdown

It’s time to take control and show your overactive oil glands who’s boss—and this lightweight oil-free lotion is just the product for the job. It balances out too-oily skin as it hydrates, calms, purifies, and repairs.

How it Works

Made for normal to normal/oily skin, this silky formula packs a powerful antioxidant punch, working hard to both moisturize and reduce sebum imbalances. Aloe vera calms overactive skin while antimicrobial emollients work to hydrate and heal.”

What I say:

Out of all the products sampled today, this would be the one at the bottom of my list. Its heavy, thick, sticky texture is hard to apply and takes a while to dry up. Although your skin feels smoother after a while, there are other products on the market that have better value when it comes to spreadability and flexibility. Yes, I just made up a word 😉 The smell is also not the greatest, I definatly prefer the cleanser to this product over the healing lotion. The price is also very daunting, at a $35 a bottle. Although the cleanser would last quite a while, I am afraid that the lotion would not.

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 7.03.17 PM

Jergens® BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream

What Birchbox Says:

Birchbox Breakdown

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding a heroic BB cream or tinted moisturizer for the face. But for years, self-tanner was our only option when it came to perfecting the skin on our arms and legs. Enter our latest Birchbox Find: a complexion-correcting moisturizer for the whole body. This five-in-one formula from Jergens® works on multiple levels to hydrate, illuminate, visibly firm, even skin tone, and reduce the appearance of imperfections. As if that weren’t enough, it absorbs into skin faster than you can say “flaky.” You’ll see visible results in as little as five days.

How it Works

This fast-drying moisturizer goes on sheer before adjusting to your natural skin tone. With shea butter, the cream provides moisture while light-reflecting pigments immediately brighten skin and minimize the appearance of imperfections. Not only that, but the proprietary formula works to improve your complexion over time, firming skin while also calming redness and visibly reducing discoloration.”

What I say:

For a department store find, Jergens has always been a favorite among my family. For the low price and the high quantity, it is easy to buy a bottle of jergens on your Wal-mart shopping trip. This find is absolutely no different, Although some reviews say that the ingredients are quite toxic, I find that the product is quite valuable. The lotion spreads well, and provides 5 key benefits: Hydration, Illumination, Even, Firming, and Corrective.

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 7.05.54 PM

POP Beauty In Liner

What Birchbox Says:

“Birchbox Breakdown

Some eyeliners can be so unwieldy, tracing our lash lines can feel like trying to sign our names with a dull crayon. Not so with this precision-tip liner from POP Beauty. Developed by a UK makeup artist, the smudge-proof, waterproof formula glides on smoothly and lasts all day. And you won’t feel like Edward Shaky-hands when you’re applying it.

How it Works

Thanks to a precision tip and velvety-smooth formula, this liner makes application a breeze, and the waterproof colors won’t budge. Every shade of this liner—including green and blue—enhances all eye colors, making tired eyes look whiter and brighter.”

What I say:

Amazing. Yes, Amazing. This quick drying, precise liner is perfect for your make-up drawer. I find that many eyeliners and in liners tend to smudge and smear, especially if you have full cheeks like I do. POP Beauty has found the ultimate formula for avoiding such a dilema. Their quick drying, waterproof liner is an amazing value and worth the price of $16!

TIP: When using eyeliners, if you outline your entire eye it tends to “shrink” the look of your eye. To get full, toxic eyes, try outlining from the outside in about halfway on top and bottom. It will give your eyes a more full look!

Want to get a handful of products to your doorstep for only $10 a month? CLICK HERE to try out birchbox!

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