I am not sure if many of you know that for some of my goals in 2013 I have a list of books for “Self Improvement” that I am going to read. I have already made my way through a very good one, titled Gotta Have it!   Many of you already know I struggle with eating. I eat when I am bored, lonely, depressed, anxious, worried, etc. Throughout most of this book, it talks about several “issues” people may have. Among them are addictions such as drugs, alcohol, shopping, eating, and it talks a lot about the “role of discomfort” in these addictions…

“because discomfort causes us to engage in comfort-seeking behaviors”

It also goes in to talking about several panic disorders, or general anxiety disorders…

“It’s as if you’re all ready for the fight of your life, but can’t really see who the enemy is.”

Another thing I have struggled with is validation and self-worth. It has been a constant in my business, especially when “pricing” myself and my photography. It is a constant battle with myself, and has created a lot of anxiety and worry.

“People who lack validation in their lives fail to understand their own value and worth.”

“There is a reason self- worth starts with the word “self.”It is not the worth of a person acknowledged and accepted by others; it is the worth of a person acknowledged and accepted by self.. It is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking your worth as a person comes from what you do instead of who you are.”

Have you ever stepped back and realized that you are so concerned with the one thing that you don’t have that you are forgetting about all the things you do have? This has been a really hard thing to grasp on for me. Especially when it comes to the severity of “favoritism” in my family. That’s not really something I am going to go into here, as this is not the time but it is a constant in my life. This book briefly touches on this.

“I think we’re kind of like that toddler when it comes to what God provides. We have been given an absolute armload full of blessings and gifts from God. But instead of appreciating or even paying attention to what we’ve been given, we often pitch a fit and drop everything to run after the one thing that we want.”

Here are just a few other quotes from the book that I found inspiring:

“A person needs to work but shouldn’t become a workaholic. A person needs clothing but shouldn’t become a shopaholic. A person needs to eat but shouldn’t become a glutton. A glass of wine is fine unless you’re an alcoholic. A simple wager has no harm unless your a pathological gambler. A hobby isn’t a hobby if it’s your one true satisfaction in life.”

Isn’t this enough to make you want to read the book? Man it was inspiring! Go for it!

Gotta Have It by Gregory L. Jantz, PhD


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