Chore Chart Inspiration & Tutorial!

For those of you who are having a tough time organizing your chore chart, let this be a fun and rewarding addition to your home, and the best part is, It isn’t just a printed piece of paper, it is a WORK OF ART!

OK, so many of you are probably thinking, I cant do that. The thing is, YOU CAN. This project is probably the most simple ever. With just a few supplies, you are off to a great start! I will walk you through this project in this blog post, and show you some amazing products to help you accomplish the chore chart of your dreams! Say that there times!

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 7.01.13 PM

So, we need a few things to get started..

So lets get started. Let me start off by saying that the artwork above was not created by me, so I am just guiding you based on how I would create this fabulous work of art.

Step One. Lets start off with the background, You will start with a 12×12 piece of Cardstock of your color choice. I would stick with something simple, and use photos that tell your story!

Step Two: Adhere your photos and embellishments. Again, I wouldn’t get too crazy, just enough to tell a story!

Step Three: Stamp your Days of the Week on Cardstock and cut around. Adhere to the frame.

Step Four: Create tags using your Cricut, a Diecut, or anyway you would, to add chores on. You can add chores by typing & printing, or using a smaller size alphabet stamp set.

Step Five: Decorate with some Embellishments, and VOILA! ARTWORK THAT SERVES A PURPOSE!

If you stay tuned, you will find all sorts of other tutorials coming right up!





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